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Waterside Beach is located on Route 915, about 10 min. from the Village of Alma. A red sand beach where the tide recedes to reveal long sand flats, red cliffs, and as long and peaceful a walk as you would like.

Above: A wonderful home sits high above the low tide beach, In the distance a lick of land juts out into the water, this is known as "Red Head". Once a tall pillar of rock reaching up into the light. Like most of the Bay of Fundy region, the landscape changes from year to year under the constant force of erosion..

Right: Sunsets at the beach are a different scene each day, ranging from bright and colorful to dull and foggy, but always worth the wait.

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The beach is bordered  by a saltwater marsh, and must be accessed by a small lane located midway down the beach. The marsh is home to a wide variety of birds and offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching.

As the tide recedes, it reveals wonderful sand flats and a beach that is longer than most walks. On a sunny day tidal pools filled with salt water warm to near bath temperature, and a barefoot walk on the sand is an enjoyable experience.