Here are the list of hiking trails you will find at Fundy National Park. The table shows the name of the trail,  if there is a photo available ( which will open in its own window when the camera is clicked), the difficulty, a moderate estimate of the time it will take, and a few highlights of the trail.  I have supplied a copy of the map showing the trails, they are divided into smaller files, but be warned, they are fairly large files, and take awhile to download.

Rating are as follows,

1. Easy Trails, short, easy, fun for all.

2. Moderate, not long, major hills, a snack might be nice.

3. Strenuous, long, steep hills, some river crossings, take water and food, challenging.

4. Very Strenuous, long rugged trails with steep hills, trail may not be highly marked, for experienced hikers.

This (*camping) in the Highlights section indicates wilderness camping is available on the trail. 

Download Fundy National Parks Trail Map

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Herring Cove Beach   2 .05 km loop 20 min Access to beach and tidal cave.
Shiphaven   1 .05 km (one way) 15 min View of Point Wolfe.
Point Wolfe Beach   2 .06 km (return) 20 min Trail leads down to beach area, with stairs.
Devil's Half Acre CLOSED 1 1.5 km loop 30 min Boardwalk, deep crevices, very interesting.
Squaws Cap Loop   2 4.5 km loop 1.5-2 hrs Wonderful forest, great ocean views.
Matthews Head   2 1.5 km (one way) 1 hour Old farm land, nice coastal views.
Coppermine 2 4.4 km loop 1.5-2 hrs Forest, brooks, old mine site.
Coastal (1)   3 3.2 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs Pool to Herring Cove, Ridge top view, connect to Whitetail at 3 km.
            (2)   3.5 6.9 km (one way) 2.5-3 hrs Herring Cove to Point Wolfe, fern glades, forest, coastal vista's, Matthews Head 1.8km
Goose River   3 7.9 km (one way) 2.5-3 hrs Old Road, rugged cliffs, forest.*camping
Dickson Falls   2 1.5 km loop 30 min Wonderful boardwalk and stairs along brook, with great waterfall.
Third Vault Falls   3 7.4 km (return) 3-4 hrs Steep decent to impressive waterfall, forest trail.
Laverty Falls   2 2.5 km (one way) 1-1.5 hrs Trails leads to brook, then to waterfall.
Kinnie Brook   2 2.8 km (return) 1-1.5 hrs Steep valley, disappearing stream.
Foster Brook (1)   3 3 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs Trail to river ford very steep.*camping
                      (2)   3 1.4 km (one way) 1 hr Steep climb from flood plain to Marven Lake Trail.
Upper Salmon River (1)   2 2.6 km (one way) 1-1.5 hrs Laverty Falls to Moosehorn, flood plain, old dams, rapids, waterfalls potholes. *camping
(2)   4 1.8 km (one way) 1 hr Moosehorn to Forks, 2 fords, Very difficult, challenging rocks.
(3)   3 4.1 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs Forks to Black Hole, 1 ford.
(4)   3 4.7 km (one way) 2 hrs Black Hole to Headquarters, 1 ford.
Dobson Link   2 2.6 Km (one way) 1-1.5 hrs Shepody Road (dobson Trail) to brook, 1 ford
Moosehorn   3 2.2 km (one way) 1-1.5 hrs Steep to river valley, rocky riverbank. Connects to Upper Salmon River Trail.
The Forks   3 3.4 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs Connects to Upper Salmon River Trail. Steep trail.
Black Hole   2 5.5 km (one way) 2 hrs Nice old road leading to a salmon hole.
Bennett Brook (1)   2 6 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs 1 ford to the river, view of valley from top.
                        (2)   3 1.7 km (one way) 1 hr Upward climb to Marven Lake Trail, 1 ford
Forest Trails
Maple Grove   2 4km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs Old road through Maple stands and other hardwoods, uphill. A wonderful trail in fall colors.
Shaded Maples   1 .05 km loop 15-30 min Nice forest side trail from Maple Grove.
Caribou Plain (Wheel Chair access)   1 .05 km loop 10-15 min A wonderful trail out to a beaver pond  with a marshy wood in the center, sometimes frequented by Moose.
Caribou Plain   1 3.4 km loop 1-1.5 hrs Continues on from wheelchair loop to woods trail, boardwalks out into bog with lots of life, the best trail for kids and family hikes.
East Branch   2 5.6 km loop 2-2.5 hrs An original forest, old logging yard and dam.
White Tail (1)   3 3.2 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs From Chignecto to Tennis Courts.
                 (2)   3 4.7 km (one way) 1.5-2 hrs From Chignecto to Point Wolf Rd.
                 (3)                  3 2.1km (one way) 1 hr Point Wolf Rd. to Coastal Trail.
                  (4)   2 3.2 km (one way) 1.5 hrs Coastal Trail to Pool Area. To complete 10.3 km trail
Lake Trails
Tracey Lake (1)   2 4.2 km (one way) 1.5 hrs Bennet Lake to Tracey Lake.*camping
                     (2)   2 2.8 km (one way) 1 hr Tracey Lake to Laverty Lake.
Marven Lake   3 8 km (one way) 2.5-3 hrs Connects to Bennett Brook Trail. *camping
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