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There are many wonderful places to visit that are not in the park, local artisan shop where you can see pottery and paintings, gifts. Also the local area has many beaches and other interesting places to visit, from this page we will show you some of those places.

Route 915- Scenic Drive

Route 915 will take you on a coastal road that starts in Albert, New Brunswick and takes you to Alma, the southern entrance to Fundy National Park, beside the Bay of Fundy. Along this road you will pass through places like Derry's Corner, Harvey, Mary's Point, Upper New Horton, New Horton, Little Ridge, Cape Enrage, Waterside and Hebron before arriving in Alma.

This is the more scenic route and as it happens when the road had to be named for the 911 system in the ninties, it was giving the name Scenic Drive. This route is not alot more time consuming to get to Alma, but it is a nicer drive, If you just want to get to the park and explore later then you can take the more direct route 114, then explore route 915 after you get settled at your destination.


Places to see on Scenic Drive

Cape Enrage

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