Village Square, beside fishing wharf

High tide at the wharf

Low Tide

Low tide

Foggy Day

It's not always sunny on the Fundy Coast

Foggy Walk

But is does not stop our visitors

Alma, the gateway to Fundy National Park

Alma, is a seaside community on the Bay of Fundy, home to fishermen, loggers and shipbuilders over it's many years. Fishing is still a big part of Alma and so is tourism, it's the main service area for visitors to Fundy National Park, with it's hotel, motels and cottages there are lots of places to choose from for your overnight stay. As well as restaurants, takeouts for good meals and if you are camping, general stores to resupply your campsite.

Stroll along the waters edge at Alma beach, or at low tide walk on the bottom of the ocean, the Bay of Fundy tides are the highest tides in the world. On Alma beach many a visitor have found interesting rocks and shells, but please leave them there for others to see. If you head to the beach as the tide is going out you will have lots of time to explore the coast. But be ready to head back when the tide starts in so you do not get caught by the tide.

When the tide is out, the fishing boats are stranded on the ocean floor until the next high tide when they can return to the sea. Check out some of the villages Lobster Pounds for the freshest seafood, and don't miss the famous "Sticky Buns" at the bakery.

Each evening you will find many people strolling the main steet and walking alondg the wharf. An ice cream from one of the shops makes a great evening snack.

For the adventurous in the family there is sea kayaking in town, as well as hiking, and boat rentals in the park.


No matter what the weather is in Alma visitors always find something to do, from shopping in the gift shops to finding some fresh seafood at one of the lobster pounds, or stop by the community centre and see images of Alma in years gone by. If you want to set out on a driving adventure route 915 toward Albert will take you through places like Hebron, where you drive to the top of Sinclair hill with a view of the valley then down to sea level at Waterside beach.

Old Alma

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