Alma’s Holy Whale

Like most small towns and villages in Canada, local congregations are not what they used to be. Many churches are being closed and sold, Alma is no different. The United Church, where we would have been married had it been raining, has now been sold.
Welcome to the Holy Whale, a micro brewery, where the brew is cold and tasty, or if you want to warm up , then there are some specialty coffee on tap also. We stopped in one evening after walking trails and had a great relaxing brew, well maybe a couple, the atmosphere was relatively quite and a great place for a chat. So next time your in Alma, check out the church, it’s still a quiet sanctuary, but now with cool brews.

Enjoying a brew at the Holy Whale in Alma, New Brunswick.

Village of Alma

Alma, the gateway to Fundy National Park

Alma, is a seaside community on the Bay of Fundy, home to fishermen, loggers and shipbuilders over it’s many years. Fishing is still a big part of Alma and so is tourism, it’s the main service area for visitors to Fundy National Park, with it’s hotel, motels and cottages there are lots of places to choose from for your overnight stay. As well as restaurants, takeouts for good meals and if you are camping, general stores to resupply your campsite. Read More

Families of Fundy

The lands of Fundy National Park were once home to many families, those names are still part of the park, trails in the park are a reminder of those families, Dixon Falls, Foster Brook, Matthews Head. Some of these families still live in Alma and the surrounding communities.
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Lets take you on a tour of Fundy National Park. The park is located on the Southwestern New Brunswick shores of the Bay of Fundy. This will be a photographic tour of the park and it’s surrounding areas.

We’ll visit the Village of Alma, a quaint fishing village on the shores of the Bay of Fundy at the entrance to Fundy park, the local beaches give visitors a chance to walk on the bottom of the sea, then off to one of the local diners to sample some of the best seafood.

We’ll stop by Cape Enrage, a lighthouse high atop the cliffs of the Bay of Fundy, where repelling is a favorite sport. Waterside beach just 15 minutes from Alma is a great place to bird watch and walk along the sandy shores.

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